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Yep, we’re off the plateau and on a downward roll!  I’m officially down 30 lbs (13.6 kg) since last July when I took a leap of faith and joined the Lean Eating program for women that is offered twice a year by Precision Nutrition.  I can’t believe we’re sliding into the home stretch – we’ll be “done” this coming July!  And I use “done” in quotes because, to my relief, there is a ton of post-program support out there.  Meetup groups, Facebook groups, online forums, coaches to Skype with, you name it.  Plus I now have a growing repertoire of weight training and interval workouts at my fingertips!  I may repeat the entire exercise program again just to keep up momentum and see how much stronger I am the second time around!

I’m feeling so much happier and more confident with my body.  Clothes are getting looser, smaller sizes are fitting better…and I can sit and cross my legs comfortably. People’s reactions to seeing me who haven’t seen me in a while are priceless!  I love this!!  I literally feel ‘lighter’ too, just like the shrinking number on the scale!  Now, we are coached to know that the number on the scale is not the be-all tell-all indicator of our progress.  And it’s just a number!  We’re also doing our measurements weekly and recording our progress.  You really can see the progress there and THAT’S where it counts.  Muscle weighs twice as much as fat, and we’re building lean muscle mass through our weight training sessions.   I’ve heard so many stories about how people make personal shopping appointments at a department store and provide their height and weight information to the stylist.  And the stylist picks out PLUS SIZED clothes, only to meet up with her client who is fit!!  OOPS.  And yikes.  Not a good way to start off a personal shopping appointment!

I was worried a little about looking older as I lost weight.  They say a little fat padding, especially in our faces, helps us look youthful.  And I’ve always joked that my chubby pink cheeks puff out my wrinkles!  I’m 46…turning 47 in May and I AM a little sensitive about aging. On the road full speed to 50. And about looking middle-aged and all…some say people in that age group are ‘invisible’ to others.  Overlooked and ignored.  UGH.  Would slimming down age me?  Or make my skin saggy and lifeless on my face or elsewhere?

Thankfully (so far) that has NOT been the case.  In fact people have commented that I look even younger now.  And my posture has improved. They say losing weight gradually and while doing weight training at the same time helps your skin ‘catch up’ with lost inches, AND you’re building muscle too in the process.

So far, it’s working!  Making regular exercise a priority was probably the most daunting aspect of this program when I first signed up.  Could I really stick with it?  Could I do the workouts?  The answer is a resounding YES all around.  I don’t always jump for joy when I head to the gym, but that’s where the ‘action before motivation’ mantra kicks in.  I DO know how great I feel after I’ve worked out.  And now I’m seeing a tiny bit of muscle definition in my arms and shoulders.  In my legs and hips.  The extra baggy cotton t-shirts I used to work out in are now replaced by snugger synthetic t-shirts or tanks.  My face has slimmed down and people have commented I need a new headshot for my jewelry business website something fierce.

Consistency is the key to success with this journey, whatever that looks like.  No flash in the pan superstar-ness is needed here.  Just regular, consistent exercise…with a change in routine and in difficulty every 4 weeks or so.

I’ll likely have more posts about what this program has provided for me as we head into the final phases.  Can’t say enough about how AWESOME and life-changing this has been for me!!!