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…asking this question in my best Carrie Bradshaw-esque narrative/musing style.  If you’re a Sex and the City fan like me (HBO Series a few years ago for those who have been living under a rock) you know what I’m talking about.

But even if you don’t you might be intrigued by this post’s title perhaps?  And are there scientific studies out there?

My answer is who cares about scientific studies!!  There’s no better way to welcome your man back home from a long 2-week overseas vacation.  Halfway across the planet mind you.  And the bitch of the international date line when returning.  20+ hours of flying plus what the hell day/time is it anyway?

I literally bounced out of bed on Saturday morning – far earlier than my usual snoozefest.  I knew G’s flight was scheduled to arrive early afternoon but who knows with flight delays how it would really turn up.  Well, turns out his flights were pretty much on time.  I fell back into bed in a blissful doze, enjoying the unexpected sunshine pouring through my bedroom window blinds.  The sun felt SO warm and glorious inside, but damn it was cold outside! 

After some morning coffee and a quick shower I blasted down to the airport, my heart pounding and fluttering.  Had it really been a whole two weeks since G was away?  I’d gotten emails from him nearly every day – very unexpected given he wasn’t sure how much online time he would have, plus the texting/calling fees are outrageous.  No worries there.

I won’t ever forget seeing him walk up to my car at the airport in the sunshine…big smile, great shades and looking incredibly hot in his travel gear.  And bringing him back to his apartment so we could just crash out and spend some wonderful time together…so very missed.  And oh – did we forget to eat? Does he feel like eating?  Yes!  Time for a late lunch.

I was perfectly OK with just letting him sleep given I had no idea how exhausted he would be, but was glad he wanted to hang out for awhile before going back home to sleep.  So we grabbed a couple burgers + manhattan for him/beer for me, with more of that incredible winter sunshine streaming through the restaurant windows.

And then while hearing all about his trip, suddenly there was a long, black jewelry box on the table.

He bought me the most incredibly gorgeous Opal bracelet…a double row of oval-shaped, turquoise blue opals set in sterling silver.  AHHH, this is so incredibly gorgeous it took my breath away and I about burst into tears.  Turquoise blue is probably one of my favorite colors of all time and I LOVE all things sterling silver.  This beautiful bracelet, now on my wrist thanks to his help and a big kiss too makes me so happy.  And you know, I’m not really in general a huge gifts-oriented person…I’m more of a quality time type girl when it comes to Love Languages [see my post on our weekend at Discovery Park and elsewhere], but I’m blown away by his generosity.

Generosity with a huge helping of quality time too.  Today we met up for a long walk around my neighborhood, loved hearing more about his trip and then went off to see friends at their house for dinner.  Soft tacos and delicious southwest-style homemade soup with pork, green chilies, cilantro, hominy and spices. Bliss.  These are some of the people from his supper club which I was very honored to join for the first time back in January.  And we’ll be meeting up again here in early March.  

His family.  And how humbled, welcomed and happy I feel to be a part of this group.