Scratchy throat on a Sunday morning – ugh.  As I am waking up and continuing my weekend ritual of drinking lots of (plain, still) water, I am hoping this is just my voice being tired and not me coming down with something. 

And as I was looking for a picture for today’s post, I realized my title is the same as one of the Psychedelic Furs’ albums from the early 80s.  Not done on purpose here, but love the Psych Furs as an aside!

Yep, I burned up the phone lines something fierce yesterday!

But before all that I shook up my routine and watched a tennis tourney on Friday after work.  My co-worker/office mate (the one I had the ’emergency girls night in’ with last Monday) asked if I’d like to see her play in a womens doubles tourney after work.  Why not?  I know she’s a great player and I hadn’t ever seen her play before.  Come to think of it, I probably hadn’t watched any tennis live and in person in decades!  And the tennis club was right on my commute home.  Sold!

I remember watching my parents and other relatives play tennis when I was a kid.  There were some courts at the park right near our house growing up and also on the school playground near our summer beach house.  And I remember taking a few lessons when I was probably in 6th or 7th grade with a friend of mine – something through the parks department.  I sucked.  But it was fun!

So yep, it’s been a few years since I’ve watched a tennis match.  How cool they were playing on the court closest to the viewing area too!  And my co-worker and her doubles partner won!  Nice.

Saturday was pretty much spent in my jammies and on the phone, save for a brief break to come up for air and get a mid afternoon shower and make a short trek to the grocery store. 

One of my neighbors in our HOA (who is also a good friend) is in the process of renting out her townhouse here and at the same time is buying a house with her longtime boyfriend.  So exciting!  And so…well…the old saying ‘it ain’t over till it’s over’ couldn’t be more true.  For she ran into a snag here just two weeks from closing that has caused our HOA Board to spring into really quick action to tweak a few things.  And we’re likely not done yet.  I had another (long) chat with our Treasurer later on, who had a new, creative idea to fix things short term and avoid having to kick our HOA anthill unnecessarily.  We have an annual HOA meeting coming up next month, but the snags for my neighbor’s situation need to be fixed by end of this month.  Ah, the joys of homeownership, right?  One way or another, we’ll get this resolved.

And then there’s more on the newsflash last week about my (adopted) brother getting a letter from a court intermediary that he has a sister out there who wants to meet him!  My brother forwarded on a letter to our family – a letter written by his sister.  She’s his half sister – they have the same mother.  She would be willing to travel to see my brother if he wants to meet her.   She’s married….two daughters – and has a grandson!  Wow.  Keep in mind my brother is almost 39 and his biological mom was 16 when she had him, so his sister is younger than he. This was one of the most heartfelt, sincere and genuine letters I have ever read.  I read it 5 or 10 times, with tears of joy in my eyes.

So I was talking with Mom about this on the phone yesterday and she said OH have you seen the pictures??  Huh?  Nope I hadn’t seen any – his sister mentioned pictures but I figured my brother didn’t forward them for some reason – no biggy.  But then.  DUH.  I forgot to scroll!

I about fell out of my chair.  She looks SO much like my brother it’s amazing. No doubt she truly is his half sister!  I really, really hope he wants to meet her.  This is all beyond incredible!

So I am a little mentally fried and plan to spend today relaxing, reading and giving myself a manicure.  No hockey tonight; this two-week bye is odd and I can’t wait to get back on the ice!  And a trip to the gym couldn’t hurt.  Need to get my butt in gear and get training again for a 5K this spring…and there’s an 8K I want to do with a team later in mid May!

And dang, I miss G so much. He’s having so much fun in Australia, and I’ve been getting almost daily emails from him which is fabulous, but definitely not expected.  He’s staying with friends who have dial up, and the cost to call/text overseas is super expensive.  Plus, the timezone difference is nuts.  Anyway, my heart flutters every time I hear from him.  His friends had a beautiful little girl a few days ago, and how awesome for him to be there for the birth!  And they’ve asked him to be her Godfather, too. 

They could not have picked a better man.  And I can’t wait to be back in that man’s arms on Saturday.