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I’m having one of those weekends where I really hate being a homeowner.  I just want to pull up stakes and run away!  Arrrghh!

This time it’s the kitchen sink plumbing.  And maybe the dishwasher has crapped out too.  I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.  And that’s why I feel so damn vulnerable when shit like this happens. 

And I feel even more like a ding-dong on how I discovered this problem.  The other night I was digging for something deep in the cupboard under the sink – a spray bottle for my plants or something.  And there it was – a puddle of water about a half-inch deep on the floor of the cupboard.  And the plastic bottles and stuff sitting in said puddle were all moldy when I pulled them out.  Ew ew ew!!

I about puked!  How long in the hell has that puddle of water been there?  Where else is it leaking?  What does this mean…is it a simple leak fix or do I need to replace everything?  And how much are new dishwashers these days?

So as I mind was racing I sacrificed a couple of old towels for the cleanup job of the moldy puddle.  And I tried not to beat myself up too bad mentally but it was too late.  Old habits are hard to change sometimes. 

Then I wanted to figure out what was causing the leak to calm my mini panic attack. Was it just the dishwasher or was it the sink too?  I ran the dishwasher on a quick rinse cycle and sure enough, water leaked again.  I guess it’s all connected through the sink drain too though?  I don’t know.  But then I ran the sink and it didn’t leak at all.  I went to sleep that night somewhat satisfied.  OK, I found a problem, I’ve cleaned up what I can and I think I know what caused it. And I need help to fix it.

Although now this morning it leaks too when I run the sink faucet.  OK, OK, time to call my plumber.  This is where I should remember to be grateful, as years ago I got referred to a wonderful plumber by a friend here in the area.  She and I are not in contact any longer sadly (no drama – people sometimes come and go in our lives and it’s OK), but R the plumber has been my hero quite a few times here in the townhouse, and I’ve referred him to a couple of friends with great success.  See my Refrigerator Drama post from a couple of years ago for a hilarious recap of what it took to get a new refrigerator ready to install. [I use the word ‘hilarious’ loosely and sarcastically, be warned.]  Ah, there are my words “…my post from a couple of years ago.”  September 2010 it was.  OK, going that long between needing plumbing repairs isn’t TOO bad, right?  Back in 2008 or so he helped me out quite a bit – the water supply connector for one of my toilets had failed (there we go with a leak again) and so we agreed to proactively replace all of the water supply connectors and those twisty turnoff valves that go into the wall for every toilet and sink upstairs and down. Mine were still the old school type and outdated – and starting to fail.  Whew, it was pricey but great peace of mind.  OK, that makes me feel a little better now.  Guess it really is every two years or so.

Stuff like this happens all the time with homeownership, right?  Of course I know the answer is yes.  My townhouse is 32 years old.  Heck, I know newer construction has its problems too.

And OK, I’ll say it.  When home repair problems pop up, it reminds me just how much I hate being single.  Funny how the brain works sometimes with a leap like that.  Now I know I’m not truly ‘alone’ in the sense that I have great friends, family and a lot of people very happy to help me out.  It’s hard to explain, for as much as the help is always so much appreciated, I still sometimes feel like I’m swimming upstream alone.

Yeah, I even cried a bit too.  You know what, I even teared up a teeny tiny bit this past Thursday at the gym.  This was my second workout with my trainer, B, and I arrived with my brain in knots.  It was kind of a tough day at work, my car was on fumes and I was crawling along in unexpected traffic hoping I could get my car a couple quick gallons of gas, not run out of gas in traffic, and not be late for my training appointment (I have to leave work a little earlier than usual which is fine; I was stunned at how bad traffic was on the route I chose). 

So while I was excited to work out, my brain still needed to unwind and refocus.  B started me out with these planking exercises that were way beyond where I am right now in my ability.  Of course when he demonstrated them he made them look easy.  I can do various planking exercises but with not as many reps or for as long of course.

Anyone ever tried planking where you’re on your side, propped up with your forearm AND holding a medium-sized fitness ball between your feet?  Then you raise and lower yourself up and down, keeping your body in a straight line.  Oh dear Lord – that fitness ball makes it super unstable (as it’s supposed to) and while I did eek out a few raises on my right side, my left side was an epic disaster – I rolled all over the place and could hardly do one lift.  B made an interesting point that I’m probably slightly stronger on my right side because of hockey.  I’m a left-handed shot and so my body is used to twisting more in that direction so my core’s in slightly better shape on the right.  Interesting theory!  He says he sees it all the time with golfers too.  So I’ve got a ways to go with that exercise – what an eye opener.  But a frustrating way to start off our session.  I ended up attempting a few planking side lifts without the fitness ball.

I think B picked up on how frustrated and upset I was.  We moved onto other work, mostly focusing on upper body, shoulders, back, triceps and pecs.  Plus some lunges too.  I really enjoy the upper body workouts because it helps me fight off tension from being at a desk all day.  And my muscle tone has really declined.  I want to be able to wear tank tops and feel great without saggy triceps and that darn ol’ ‘back/bra chubby’ bulge we as women are so prone too in our mid back. Yay, middle age!

So that’s the deal…I’m hoping to hear back from R soon so this sink problem can get fixed.  In the meantime, time for a bucket and towels underneath!

I almost called this post “Leaking in the Sunshine,” because the weather has been so wonderful these past few days…we cherish the end of August!  But then I changed my mind.

‘Leaking in the sunshine’ sounds like someone’s peeing outside.