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Oh man ohmanohmanohman…I am sitting here grinning ear to ear, sunshine streaming into the home office…and…

It’s. Only. 11am!!  Not noon!

Seriously, people, our flip back to Standard Time (clocks go back one hour) is my most FAVORITE time of the year.  Payback…we balance the books.  It’s no secret DST kicks my ass when we lose that hour in the spring.  I feel jetlagged that entire week, and perpetually stressed that I am constantly running late.  Tired + late = bad combination.

But now, time to chill.  I woke up Saturday just knowing this morning was coming.  Kinda poked around the house and later, fueled by a salted caramel mocha from a Starbucks drive thru (which I RARELY do even though there is one just 5 seconds from my house), I drove out to visit my dear friend T in Sammamish.  She’s going to do a Silpada party later in December – an absolutely perfect time to host a party as it’s prime time shopping season!  Blue sky, leaves turning – ahhh anytime I need to whip out sunglasses in November I am a happy girl.

I had a major sushi craving as I was driving home, and swung by the Metropolitan Market to pick up some other groceries too.  I used to commute through the Houghton neighborhood a couple of years ago when I briefly worked in Kirkland and I miss it.  The Metropolitan Market is absolutely amazing, and the people who work there have their shit together.  Nice, knowledgeable, energetic.  You can just “feel” it when you walk in. 

So I grabbed some pre-made sushi (it’s actually pretty decent as they make it fresh right there in the store), got home and added an extra blob of wasabi and a few shakes of Nama Shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce as recommended in my raw food cookbooks).  Even found my chopsticks too!  Bliss.

…almost as blissful as sleeping in today until 10am (which really was 11am but I remembered to turn the clocks back tonight – oops, well most of them).  Funny how my cell phone didn’t make the automatic change (booo) but the old, crappy laptop here sure did.

So that’s about it.  Just enjoying a nice, lazy weekend – hockey is the big exclamation point later tonight.  Can’t wait!  

And the nice people at amazon.com are sending me a book that was very highly recommended by my new friend D.  I’ll leave it at that for now – it’s on it way and I will likely have my first ever book review post in here soon!