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I rolled around in my bed this morning, feeling so rested and so lazy too.  And laughed at myself when I realized it was 10:30am!  What a lazy butt I can be.

Reflecting on this past week…I have a lot to be thankful for.  I feel happy, energized, confident…not that I wasn’t before but I’m feeling that inner surge and whooshing around that just makes me feel, well, happy!  I DID start taking vitamins more regularly – is that one of the reasons, or just a coincidence? 

I usually take a couple of fish oil capsules every morning – they say those extra Omega 3s are good for your brain and digestion so it couldn’t hurt.  I like the unscented ones because while I love fish I don’t need to start off my day with my breath smelling like it. 

And when cleaning out a drawer in my bathroom I discovered a jar of Vitamin D that I’d forgotten about.  Expiration date’s still aways in the future so into the routine she goes too.  Where else do we get Vitamin D besides some daily sun exposure?  Milk?  And mushrooms I think (sounds strange though)?  Well, around here daily sun exposure is non-existent and laughable to attempt, especially this time of year.  I don’t drink milk either (though I never met a cheese I did not love, but does cheese have vitamin D in it?  It must if it’s made with milk, right?).  

And…good ol’ Vitamin C.  Doesn’t hurt to pop a couple of those every day as we head into the winter flu season.   I’ve already had a cold since starting this new job and earlier this year I had that cough that lingered easily two months.  No more of that, thankyouverymuch. 

What else did I find in that bathroom drawer?  Some multi-vitamins.  Jar half empty and expiration date still OK (I am VERY anal about pull dates on food/vitamins/you name it.  They’re there for a reason!) 

NOW I remember why I stopped taking those.  They upset my stomach no matter how much extra water I’d drink after taking them.  I’d feel like I was going to puke on my drive to work.  Not fun.  But I decided to try eating a little bit more in the morning (I’m usually so rushed I have a quick wedge of cheese and that’s it till lunch time).  Anyway as I ramble here, I’m trying to allow just a few extra minutes in my morning routine to take these vitamins with a ton of water…and I feel great!  Is it just psychological?  On the other hand, the stupid bruise on my knee is finally going away (don’t ever bump into your dishwasher when it’s open – just sayin), and some of the sharp knee pain I’ve experienced occasionally – recently – going up or down stairs has vanished.  I slowly, carefully, knock on wood about that. I figured the knee pain was a reminder that I need to lose weight AND that I am not getting any younger.

So we’ll leave that alone for now.  I rolled out of bed yesterday and headed to my favorite spa for a little, ummm, maintenance.  And I actually got there early enough to head into the Starbucks across the street and relax a little.  Lo and behold I had a Starbucks gift card hiding deep in my wallet I’d completely forgotten about!  Bonus! 

I tried my first ever salted caramel mocha.  With half the usual chocolate as someone suggested.  Delicious!  I sat outside at one of the small tables, browsed Facebook on my phone and just savored my coffee.  This is freakin’ late October, people, and it’s sunny and I’m sitting outside enjoying the changing leaves, slight breeze, and a beautiful view of Lake Washington.  Amazing!

I’ve known my esthetician, M, for probably 10 years and she is wonderful to chat with.  As we were waiting for the eyebrow tint to work its magic she said you HAVE to come check out the knitware we have in the front of the spa.  It’s flying off the shelves and the prices are amazing (amazing as in low, ha ha). 

Sure enough…a few minutes later I picked up a black infinity scarf and a medium grey toque with a fleur de lis design in grey bling on one side.  LOVE IT!  I loved it so much I immediately cut off the tags and wore it running errands the rest of the afternoon.  Perfect new fall accessories!  And they were $40 total – yes for both!  If you haven’t tried an infinity scarf, check them out.  It’s a scarf that’s in one continuous loop – so easy to just plop on and it always looks great!  And doesn’t fall off either.  I actually have this one on its way in the silvery knit from the nice people at Nordstrom.  It will go perfect with my new toque!

Now it’s time to get caught up on reading, cook up some chicken for an early dinner and get ready for hockey later tonight.   Best way ever to wrap up a weekend!