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I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I’ve started this funny tradition of sorts the past 3 years.  Mid July just isn’t mid July without the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  Yes, angels sing as I open my mailbox and find the catalogue waiting, packed with new goodies on sale for the fall/winter season!

THIS is my favorite time of year to shop.  Lots of you may know I love to invest in fall/winter clothing, shoes, boots, scarves, etc.  Around here the summer season is so short it’s just not worth it to go all out with expensive shorts, tops, sundresses, etc.  OK, I DO plunk down some cashola on sandals and flip flops…oh and nice sunglasses too. A girl’s gotta accessorize.  But for summer clothing, put me in J. Crew clearance and I’m happy.

So what’s my tradition?  No, it’s not taking the day off from work and waiting for the store to open that fabulous Friday morning at 7am.  Not this night owl! I pour over the catalogue and mark my favorites. Then I stay up late the night before, and when the clock strikes midnight, I go online and place my order!  Then I fall blissfully into bed…and get back to work the next day.

About a week later, the hot UPS man shows up with my order!  How awesome is this?  No crowds or long lines in the stores.  If you know your sizes in your favorite designers, shopping online is a great alternative.

I’m really happy with my choices this year:  black high heeled Via Spiga ankle boots (I pretty much live in black shoes and boots 3 seasons of the year) and black patent leather high heeled loafers (by Me Too, a brand I had not heard before of but these fit very nicely, whew).  High heeled loafers are very on trend this season. And I smile and remember when they also were about 15ish years ago…I had surgery on my right foot back in 1995 and I remember treating myself to a pair as a reward to myself for getting through the surgery, crutches and physical therapy.  Excruciating.  But I will never take walking without pain for granted ever again.  Thank you, Dr. S!!

I also purchased a wonderful, light knit wool wrap in a deep magenta with some charcoal grey on the trim.  Delicious!  And I found a fair isle sweater in grey and black (do we see a pattern here), cut in a loose, boxy style with a wide neckline.  Kind of an edgy take on a classic.  I like this.  Fair Isle is very pretty, but it is too preppy bordering on frumpy in a more traditional sweater style on me.

Another part of this ritual is the funny feeling of trying on new winter clothes when it’s blasting hot weather.  Oooh the feel of comfy wool or cashmere…so contradictory slipping it on when it’s 90 degrees out…I forget for a second what it feels like after all these months!

Well, except for this year.

Our weather this spring and summer has been terrible.  Much more cold and rainy than usual.  Even last Sunday I went for a walk with my neighbor, A and her dog.  It POURED rain.  Rain like cold February rain.  In freakin’ mid July.  UGH!  There was some news story going around about how we’ve only had about 80 minutes of above 80 degree temperatures this year.  Meanwhile the rest of the country is gripped in a heat wave.

I zipped home from work last week knowing my Nordstrom delivery would be waiting on my front doorstep!  Bliss!  The boots and shoes both fit great, and the wrap is gorgeous!  Next I darted upstairs to try on the sweater…very soft and comfortable.

And that night I pretty much needed to keep it on.  Brrr. Nope, no sweating!

Do we have hope for a hot, late summer?  Hello, August??