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And, frankly, some of the most important work I have to do – take care of myself…look out for Numero Uno.  Selfish?  Nope – essential.

I love, love, love to write.  And yet the writing I do at work, while I’m proud of it and I think I’ve got a good style, doesn’t really feed my soul.  Hence, this blog and other outlets.

It’s Sunday and the air is full of sunshine, warmth and delicious smells.  Cut grass.  Barbecues. Does sunshine have a smell?  If so, it smells great outside. I even heard the ice cream truck’s clankety music earlier today.   

A long, soggy and cold spring it has been…maybe, just maybe we’ve gotten past most of that, but on the other hand most of us know that summer doesn’t officially start until after the 4th of July around here.  We’ll take these warm days meanwhile.

So what’s the work today?  Polishing up my resume.  And networking.  How time flies.  Yes, it’s time for me to get back out there and network again, as my current job assignment wraps up at the end of June.  Am I surprised?  Nope.  The writing was on the wall in tons of ways two months ago, plus the end of June is end of fiscal year at this particular client, so it’s definitely nothing personal; I am one of many who will be finishing up here in the next few weeks.  This engagement – 13 months – has actually been my longest ever since I pulled the plug on longterm employment and began doing consulting gigs.

I’m definitely feeling a lot more confident this time around.  Hell, it’s not 2009 anymore.  The job market is improving, and it seems overall there’s a happier vibe out there – not sure how to pinpoint it.  Perhaps some of that is ME being happier too.  Choose your attitude, right??

And what a fun kickoff to the weekend…tiptoed out of the office a tad early to head over to my friend M’s new law offices for a housewarming – and a jewelry show too!  We had a fabulous combo of a sunny late afternoon – her conference room has a deck right off of it, a wonderful wine and munchies spread from M, and time playing with jewelry!  I made about $200 in commission too – not too shabby getting paid to party, frankly!

I had a glorious sunny Saturday with my dear friend J, who treated me to a belated birthday lunch at Purple, a wonderful wine bar not far from our famous wineries in the deep Seattle suburbs.  And they have fantastic food too.  We then hit the Burke Gilman trail for a walk in the sunshine – yay that I remembered to plop on some sunscreen ahead of time.  She and I chat on IM quite a bit so it’s always fun to reconnect in person!

I woke up today – Sunday – knowing it was time to get to work.  Time to get that resume up to date and circulated.  So I spent a few hours today here in the home office doing that plus getting on the phone and calling a bunch of colleagues/friends to let them know my status and availability.  

And then I got ‘gripped’ down in my office chair here.  STAY AND WORK.  Wha???  I had a hockey game tonight, but something deep within me said DON’T GO, you NEED to stay here and network.  Call me crazy, but I do realize these instincts deep in my core need my full attention.  So I opted not to skate tonight.  Why would my instincts tell me not to skate tonight when I’m feeling perfectly healthy and ready to work off some muscle soreness from walking by…well…playing hockey?  One of my favorite outlets ever?

I don’t know.  And I have learned to not question these strong pulls, as crazy as they sound written in words here. Maybe in some dark, warped way I wasn’t supposed to be driving to that rink tonight because there would have been some horrible accident.  I know, I know, that’s a little ‘out there.’  

I do know that everything happens as it’s supposed to.  We don’t always know it at the time, but it’s so incredibly true.

And now I must get back to my contact spreadsheet updating – going on nearly 20 outreaches tonight and I’m just getting started!