and this is my 50th (50TH!!) post!  Holy smokes, how’d that happen?  A little too much time on my hands being out of work plus a few rocks rolling around in the head last fall and presto…here we are!  And a few of you out there even stop in to read ma shizz!  Bonus!  And thanks.

So let’s get right to it – I’m going back to work soon!  I got the news yesterday and probably blasted the recruiter’s eardrums with my whooping and yelping (occupational hazard I suppose).  WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Once I adjusted my attitude from whining about interview attire feedback to being open to the whole “check and adjust” thang, plus some tweaks in my phone interview style, well, THAT made the difference.  And I didn’t need to do anything unnatural – just be me but hopefully even BETTER.

And sometimes the right next step isn’t the one you’d thought it might be!  This opportunity snuck in pretty recently.  I’d interviewed with another team late last month where I’d worked briefly late last year in hopes to come back full-time, but given the need to screen and interview other candidates the timing just didn’t work out in the end – at least not THIS time.  I’ve made so many wonderful new contacts this leg of the job search – love how the spreadsheet continues to grow!

Let’s face it – when you’ve been out of work the entire calendar year to date plus a handful of months last summer, it takes a toll.  I’ve dug deep mentally and financially.  I’ve felt strained, burnt out, frustrated, overwhelmed, panicked, sad and angry in all sorts of various combinations of those emotions. But I’ve also learned strengths about myself I never knew existed.  And I’ve had friends offer their love, support, shoulders, friendly ears and professional leads in ways that humble me.  Anything from a need to listen to me piss and moan, to time just being silly to relieve stress.  Some of these friends have only really known me in the past year, where it seems I’ve been constantly networking, interviewing, other than working a very short assignment that was literally a sprint to the finish line of ’09.

I spent yesterday pretty much talking my cell phone battery down to zero sharing the good news!  And I ran a couple errands around town and noticed people were SMILING at me!  I was in shlump mode big-time (but I did take a shower earlier, heh, so I wasn’t quite down to hermit mode). But still, I looked like crap.  I must have had a happy look on my face or just seemed more relaxed.  I even woke up this morning feeling relaxed and refreshed in a way I’d sadly probably forgotten how to feel.  When you wake up every single freaking day in a state of unknown and uncertainty, well, it wears on you. 

And I’ve got a bunch of plans this weekend to meet up with friends for shopping (WINDOW shopping for me), eating out and just hanging out laughing!  Some people have joked around (or are they joking?), asking me when I’m going on a shopping spree or what I want to purchase as a gift to myself for getting through all of this.  You know, I’m going to stick with the whole Money Diet mode as best I can.  I’ve learned a LOT about being frugal over this past year and have funds to replenish!

But ummm, OK, I did make a teeny little reward splurge last night – some votive candles from  Nope, I’m not affiliated with them in any way other than being a repeat, satisfied customer.  My friend S recommended them awhile back; if you are into candles, these are top notch.  Every single one is poured by hand and the scents are truly incredible.  There are hundreds and hundreds of choices! 

I especially like the Clean Cotton scent – my downstairs smells like I did laundry all day.