OK, I admit I was a little cranky about last week’s feedback on my interview attire.  I really love that dress and don’t feel I have a lot of nice clothing choices right now given my weight gain and my decision to hold off buying more clothes in the meantime.  So I stick with the tried and true favorites.  Turns out that dress doesn’t win points 100% across the board given the varied work environments out there. OK, OK, I’m over it.
Another problem/issue/reality in my little world is that I haven’t had any official job performance reviews in about four years given my switch to contracting engagements, so I’ve relied on casual, ad hoc feedback meanwhile to help me grow and improve.  But honestly, feedback is hard to come by.  Often when you ask for it you don’t get it. Or it gets documented in a very watered-down “pass/fail” way that isn’t really tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses.  Or it gets coated in a cloud of sheepish bullshit and loses its real meaning.  And sometimes it stings so deep in the core of the DNA that it’s hard to process and much easier to retort with a “well, that’s the way I roll, sorry peeps.”
But I do take the time to mull over feedback, practice, listen and learn.  I went back for an interview today coincidentally at the same place I’d set my Jimmy Choo’d plain black pumps last week, dressed down this time in slacks and a nice blouse (and black suede heeled platform oxfords which are amazing and feel like slippers). I just feel better in heels.  And loved how the manager this morning was in a comfy sweatshirt and jeans.  
I skipped my morning coffee which was a GOOD thing.  I now know that morning coffee + normal interview adrenaline = wayyy too much jittery for ol’ fivenineteen here.  We hit it off well and once he handed me a pen and we got to whiteboarding it felt very natural.  The “no caffeine” headache did nail me later this afternoon but luckily a strong cold-brew Lipton tea bag in a pint of water did the trick.  Unsweetened, of course!
I’ll be speaking with a peer of his over the phone as a follow up, which I think is a good sign. And later I had a chance to chat (via phone) with another consultant who’d interviewed with this follow-up person to get her take on her style, what to prep for and all.  Bonus!!  I also got some GREAT feedback about my phone screening style after a few mock Q&A scenarios.  Believe me, interviewing over the phone is a whole different animal from in person.  I tend to be pretty succinct in phone interviews but learned it’s OK to ramble a bit with this particular person as long as you rope it back home in the end. 
I think it’s gonna be a GREAT week this week.  I am so grateful for the time, effort and feedback invested in making sure I rock out and do my best whether it’s this spot or elsewhere.
And…so grateful for family and friends’ support through these ups and downs!  I’m ready to dig in and get back out there!!