As that famous line in Risky Business goes…”sometimes you’ve just got to say what the fuck.”

Consider it Bonus Week this week as I’ve got more stuff rolling around in my head that has to come out and not sit still. Partly because it’s just too, well, memorable/funky/wonky to not share. And also partly because this brief, ummm, interlude of sorts is drifting further and further into my rear view mirror on life so why not wrap it all up now.

And if I’ve attracted a couple more readers in here as a result, well, all the better. My posts are 100% non-fiction, people; frankly, my interpretations of reality are much more interesting than anything I could possibly make up.

Believe me, I’m not one to normally go into a lot of detail about my love life on a Blog like this. Just check out my other posts as I am the Queen of Eclectic.

But. This time we’re gonna ‘go there.’ Buckle up.

It’s important to keep a sense of humor about the unexpected things that can happen in life. Why not choose a positive attitude about it all, right?

So…when you’ve been out on a few dates with someone and know the next time “it” is likely to happen, you imagine a wonderfully romantic and passionate night, right? And, maybe, a nice morning with coffee, breakfast or maybe breakfast out, both of you grinning and still somewhat rumpled from the night before.

You don’t expect to bring him back to your place and find a square piece of sheet rock and wood molding fallen from the ceiling, leaving a dusty mess on the carpet and bent wood and nails jammed into the wall, having wedged themselves off of the stair railing. Holy crap!

For the record I have an 18″ square patch of sheet rock in my townhouse entry area ceiling to cover up where the prior owners had cut in to get to the plumbing. No it ain’t perfect but it’s framed with a piece of white molding and up until now has stayed in place for the past seven or more years. It blends in well with the ceiling to where it is (or now WAS) hardly noticeable. Kind of looks like a classy version of a Crawl Space entry.

Trust me, my house is not falling apart!

And if that wasn’t enough unexpected quirks of the evening, I have now officially for the record met (and ‘hosted’ if that is an appropriate way to say it) a gentleman who is allergic to down.


I have had a down comforter for years and years and love it. And a few years ago after staying at a very nice hotel in Portland visiting my brother and his family after their youngest child was born I fell in love with the beds – they had a simply scrumptious, down-filled pad on the mattress which literally felt like sleeping on a cloud. After I got home I marched straight into Macys and picked up one for myself. Best $350 or so I’ve ever spent. Period. I’ve never slept more soundly…not that that’s ever been a problem, thankfully.

Now, I am in my early 40s and single so it’s fair to say I’ve been around the block a few times. BUT I am very particular about not only who I have ‘over’ but also when. So let’s just say I’d never encountered anything quite like this. Trust me, when the poor guy is so choked up he can barely breathe it puts a damper on the mood. I had NO idea and no he had not asked prior. Whoops.

OK, well, it’s just bedding and that is easily swapped out, right? And holes in the ceiling are easily patched up. If either of these were deal-breakers then, well, OK that’s too bad.

As he was leaving he said the one single non-truth in our entire few weeks of knowing eachother: “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Turns out that was bullshit. And you know, I remember the exact moment he said that. It’s hard to explain, but the teensiest of little gasps immediately welled up in my soul, almost like a little, breathy voice that said so quickly and softly yet with a sense of conviction: “he’s lying.” That was my gut screaming at me with a whisper and of course in that millesecond of the moment I brushed the thought aside – I had had no reason to doubt one single thing he had ever said he would do or did up until that very moment.

People reveal their true selves in time, and I am grateful I learned his sooner than later.

But as I wrote earlier, I’m not bitter or angry. Rather, I smile to myself and move forward. There is an excerpt from an astrology book written by Joanna Martine Woolfolk which I just LOVE. It’s about the Taurus woman (raising my hand, yes – that’s me alright) and her amorous ways.

“While you preen yourself on your supposed conquest, she never lets you know that you never had a choice.”

Ahhh…THIS. I have likely read that a thousand times but I still smirk. Spot-on precision!

Fifty days into 2010 and WOW. It’s already been a hell of a year!