Have you ever written one of those fantasy emails or letters where you just wanna rip the recipient a new one but never send it? Piercing, boisterous words straight out of your soul? Words that tickle and rumble all restless in your email drafts folder, itching to be released like a racehorse chomping and foaming at the starting gate? AND have you ever entertained the thought that maybe, just maybe you’d send said particular email oh so juicily to just ‘go there’ and be a little different or daring this one time? After all, life is short so why not let the recipient know how you’re REALLY feeling, right? Maybe feeling fueled by a little Pinot Grigio or another beverage perhaps? Oooh so dangerous a little wine can be with an itchy finger ready to hit ‘send’.

That’s why whenever I write those types of emails I make sure the “send to” box is empty! No joke!

A little unsolicited feedback: it’s RUDE to not call a girl after she lets you not only into her home, but into her bed and her body as well. Just so you know.

Oh yeah…how’s that for a skewer-y message of sorts? Any male readers out there who just like to casually hook up? Here’s a hint: don’t lie and call it things it isn’t. Read that paragraph above and listen up, peeps.

Am I a cold-hearted, bitter bitch? Nope, hardly. Just airing what’s on my mind. No one’s ever held a gun to my head in the matters of my heart or my, um, loins, so there are no boo hoos here for sure. And I will likely not get into more detail than that…after all I think a few immediate family members might likely tune in here.

Sooo…onto more PG-rated thoughts – Today was such a warm and wonderful taste of what Spring holds in her hands. Blue sky for starters. I cracked my windows open for some fresh air and drank it all in. And tonight I stepped out to check on my likely-overflowing snail mail box (I am bad and probably only get to it once a week). My lungs immediately choked up in the clear, icy cold – what a contrast from earlier in the day. I looked up and saw the constellation Orion blaring down on me so white and bright with that unwavering pattern of those 3 diagonal stars and the even more bright bluish white star Sirius (the Dog) toward his lower left. And I see my own sign (Taurus) faintly to the upper right – the outline of the horns of the Bull. I glance back down to the right and see my neighbor’s daffodils – the first one has popped opened and bloomed, yes you heard it here first on February 17th – an unheard of early record around here.

I shivered while walking up to my mailbox, while remembering that same constellation Orion has shone down on me every winter since I was old enough to recognize and understand the stars, and of course for many millions and millions of years prior. I remember my 3rd grade teacher who introduced us to astronomy probably as a required part of our curriculum, not knowing what a profound impact those slide shows or readings would have on a 9-year-old like me. One who would go on to devour Carl Sagan’s COSMOS TV Series, his books, the whole works. Just like my grandparents’ gifts of the globe and atlas.

What else was in my mailbox, other than 90% junk mail? Yet another book about Arctic studies – a reminder about my tangent study of sorts as I continue to job hunt and peruse forward. Very excited to dig in!