Our weather here in the Pacific Northwest typically is grey, damp and rainy, especially this time of year. So when we have dry spells like we’ve had recently, a local Northwest native like me sits up and celebrates. And then blissfully curls up back into bed with a wonderfully cozy polar fleece blanket and down comforter.

There’s something so restful and sensual about weekend mornings without the natural wake up call of rain pounding on the windows and car noise on the streets, not to mention jangling alarm clocks! I woke up today and lingered over coffee while catching up on email and a few blogs I love to follow. Oh, so luxurious. This morning was dry and cold with a thin, grey layer of overcast clouds – not really low enough to be considered fog. And I actually patted myself on the back knowing it was Saturday right when I woke up. Being out of work can toy with the calendar of the mind…I’ve learned this!

I gain boatloads of inspiration from my window off the home office here. It’s just off an arterial that’s become noticeably busier now over the past few years I’ve lived here due to more housing development on top of the hill. Honestly I just embrace it and don’t notice the car noise.

My view out this home office window is a mix of trees – evergreen and deciduous – which gives me a somewhat seasonal view of the cul de sac across the way. And today a bird I’ve never seen before camped out in the leafless tree…bright red head in a roundish, robin-type shape and the body was mostly black with a deep green sheen. I wonder what it is! Larger than a Robin, but smaller than a Crow. Hmmm.

Guess I just noticed the high, overcast, grey skies today and felt a still, calming vibe which really grabbed me. There’s so much going on with home projects, job hunting, networking, working pro bono, gym workouts…the list goes on. I have so many things to do – and so many lists scribbled and rewritten. The grey sky reminds me to Chill. Out.