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TomFordBBLipSmackerWow!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post about the joy of makeup…and while I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with all kinds of makeup (Sephora = fivenineteen’s Crack Cocaine) I’m going through a renewed obsession with makeup.   Joyfully.  Seriously, how fun is it to go as crazy (or conservative) as you like and then *presto* you just wash it right off and start again.  Change your mind?  Make a goofup?  No problem.

It’s been almost 5 months since starting my new job in downtown Seattle – wow!  And I’m pretty much used to the routine now.  Getting up about an hour and a half earlier than I used to.  Driving a couple minutes to a park & ride lot and hopping on a bus downtown.  Getting more dressed up – no more jeans and hoodies 5 days a week.  See my Urban Style post for more on what I’ve been up to in the wardrobe department!

I’m taking a lot more time now putting on makeup and really getting it polished before heading out the door to work.  Just an extra 5 minutes or so makes a HUGE difference.  And I’ve realized those extra minutes getting my lips looking great gives me a huge mood boost too!  I used to just slap on some lipstick and maybe some lipgloss and hurry out the door, but I didn’t really pay much attention to what I was doing.  And I knew it would probably be worn off after a couple cups of coffee and a few swigs from my water bottle.

Now, my friends, I’m completely obsessed with lipsticks and lipglosses and am having a blast rediscovering my current collection and finding others to play around with.  [Le Sigh, if only my lips were something to write home about, a la Angelina Jolie or others blessed with beautiful, full pouts.]  Sadly, my thin lips are just that, thin…and I have to be careful when applying deeper shades on my upper lips.  If I “miss” it looks like crap.  Ugh.  Not much real estate to work with there I’m afraid.

While I’m good to go with a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker when I’m just running errands on the weekend or not doing anything super special (OK, not in the Dr. Pepper flavor you see above, but anyway, there aren’t too many makeup products I’ve used faithfully since, gulp, 1978), if I take a little more time with my lips during the workweek or before going out on a date I feel a lot more polished.  And happy.

Exhibit A:  Tom Ford lipstick.  OK, that pic got posted a few paragraphs up but take a look.  And drool.  This stuff is freaking fantastic, everyone.  Creamy and stays on without getting dry.  Makes me feel sexy as hell when I put it on.  Does $50 seem like a lot for a lipstick?  Heck no when it’s this good.  Find it at Nordstrom (sadly not at Sephora).  My favorite shade is Deep Mink.  It’s a wonderful, deep taupey-y pink.  And I know it won’t be my last.

I love topping my lipstick with a gloss.  Cdazzleglassheck out MAC’s dazzleglass.  Sure, they’re a little glittery but they are definitely not over the top  – they’re perfect for work and you won’t look like you’re gong out clubbing  (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  A few years ago these were limited editions and only available during the holidays, but thankfully MAC made them permanent – hooray!  I’ve had a few last me several years in fact!

Or try MAC’s Plushglass.  There’s something fun and seductive about the vanilla scent as well as the slight plumping effect you’ll experience with these.  Smells great, looks great and gives my thin lips a boost?  Yes, please.  I just picked up Full for You and Wet, Wild Wonderful.  And I have a tube of Oversexed I’m still working through.

Seriously, people, how can you NOT go out the door with a huge smile on your face thinking, “Wow, my lipgloss is called Oversexed.”