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I woke up with a huge smile this morning…after gloriously sleeping in.  10 years ago my youngest brother and his wife welcomed their first child, C.  We knew it was going to be a boy, but the name was kept a secret.  Although my Dad and my sister-in-law’s Dad have the same name, so we were sure that was going to be his middle name.  So much guessing!  So much waiting and wondering!

So on the night of July 21, 2003, I came home from my usual evening walk to a wonderful message on my answering machine…he was here!!  And I took the day off from work the next day to drive to Portland, OR with my folks to go meet him!  They were first-time grandparents!

To say that day changed my life is a huge understatement.  Wow, my brother was now a Dad!  I’m an Aunt!  This is amazing!

And watching him grow up, discovering the world…priceless.  I remember one time at Thanksgiving we had a bunch of family together, and out of the blue he asks, “Hey, how come we all have the same last name?”  Love it!  Or the time he called to ask me which planet is the closest to the Earth (he was doing an astronomy course in school).

Shortly after he was born, I visited the Intuitive Healer I used to see a few times a year a few years ago (hmmm, maybe another visit is in order?).  I mentioned my new nephew C to her, and she smiled and LIT UP.  She exclaimed, “he’s going to be an accomplished writer!”  WOW!  That totally came out of nowhere!  In fact, I’ve mentioned this to very few people…and not at all to my brother and his family as I don’t want to bring in any bias.  I just really want to let this play out and see what his passions are.  Right now it’s building and launching model rockets!  If he does indeed become a writer I will find that Intuitive Healer and let her know!!

Whatever he chooses to do, I will love that C always and no matter what.  Happy Birthday!!