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Last week I started a 4-part series of posts to explore more about the 4 qualities that really are truly, uniquely me. 

It’s the most delicious of Saturdays today.  The sun is peeking through the grey skies and slowly drying out the sogginess that was most of this week.  My Dad, brothers and I took Mom out to dinner on Monday for her birthday, had another amazing meetup with the book club Tuesday night and Thursday was a small, intimate Thanksgiving dinner with our Grandmother (age 96 1/2)!  Oh, and lots of intense work with the team during the day.  I’m relishing the memories of the week and just basking in feeling great.  Like many workplaces, we were closed Thursday and Friday.  Today feels like Sunday – but it’s not!  There’s one more day of relaxation to savor.  And boy did I need it!

While I love to shop, I’m very anti-Black Friday.  It’s beyond ridiculous.  I make a conscious point to do zero holiday shopping that day – not even online – and do something completely different.  On the rare occasion the weather is good, I’ve actually gone hiking.  Yesterday it was hitting the gym – hard.  I’m really getting into the groove of the rowing machine – it’s an amazing workout.  And I’m thisclose to breaking the 30 minute barrier on a 5000m row – yesterday my time was 30:44!  Oooh, maybe tomorrow is the day!

Now…where were we?  Oh yeah:  PASSION.  Yes…passion is yet another essential fuel that feeds me.  It’s defined as “intense enthusiasm.”  Yes, yes and YES!  Passion is giving everything you’ve got into what you’re doing or thinking about doing.  Being in the moment and savoring it.  Relishing it.  Enjoying it.  Doing your best.  It’s making a conscious choice to do something – or not – and to do whatever it is with passion.

And for me that can mean injecting a little humor into whatever it is.  Even mundane tasks like scrubbing the shower tile?  I love writing words with the scrubbing bubbles spray before cleaning.  Or making sudsy happy faces.  At the grocery store I marvel over all the wonderful choices we have, whether it’s produce, oils, cheese or flour. Even paper towels!

I shudder at going through the motions of life on auto-pilot.  Even crappy, normal things like bad weather, bad traffic…well, I just make sure there’s great music on in the car.  And try to eek out any tiny atom of humor in the situation.  In the shower I take in the scent of my favorite shower gel and really FEEL it on my body.  I feel my curves and notice my skin.  I remind myself that while I’m battling a few extra pounds, my body is curvy, strong and beautiful.  And I step out of the shower transformed!! I’m unstoppable!

When I play hockey I take in that first rush of cold air when I walk into the rink, anticipating the excitement ahead.  The satisfaction of suiting up and lacing up my skates just so.  The funny locker room banter with teammates.  The joy of setting up a great play.  The feeling out there on the ice – there’s nothing quite like it.

My dear friend T’s car license plate is PASSION.  Ah, that word makes me light up whenever I say it.  I can’t say it without smiling!

Passion can be loud, boisterous and brash…but also quiet, yet still energetic.  It’s a slow burning, steady pilot light (there’s that term again like last week!) that fuels me.  Without it we might as well fold up the tent and go home!

Now it’s time to get outside and go on a passionate walk between rainstorms, and make a passionate trip to the grocery store!

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