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Alrighty.  This week’s picture makes me cringe, but we’re gonna go there anyway.  Good incentive to fix this, right?  This and so much more.

This is an actual wall in one of my bathrooms here in the townhouse.  It’s a small wall where the door is.  And yeah, awhile back I thought it would be fun to paint it purple. Shitty paint job (I think my plan was to go back and do another coat with a roller like you’re supposed to) but obviously I haven’t. 

Oh dear.  I have done all of the painting here in the house myself and trust me it’s nicely done (and finished)…everywhere except here.  And this same purple, believe it or not, is on the inside of my front door.  It’s a beautiful, semi-glossy blue violet.  Ralph Lauren Canyon Iris to be exact.  This shot does NOT do it justice.  

I remember the plan now.  The plan was to paint this wall purple, to motivate me into getting rid of the God-awful (original 1980) countertop that clashes horribly with it (you can see a tiny bit of it in the lower right corner of the picture).  That countertop actually clashes with life, period.  And I was going to get rid of the scary dark brown door (and the others on the top floor here) and replace them with white ones like I did downstairs.  I shudder thinking I made those “plans” probably two years ago or more when I was unemployed.  Didn’t have much disposable income, but I sure had time.  But not enough time to finish as you can see.  What’s hilarious about this is that I have 4 sets of door hardware picked out for the upstairs – nice brushed nickel – all ready to rock, but sitting dormant in their boxes. In the hallway.  And no new doors yet.  Typical me…I zoom right in on accessories and mentally space out on the “big” stuff. 

2012 marks the 10-year anniversary of the townhome purchase. Not beating myself up here…I HAVE done a lot to update this place.  New back deck, custom wood window treatments, major appliances like the fridge, washer/dryer, stove and microwave (I’m on my second fridge; see my Refrigerator Drama post for the lovely story on that), some light fixtures and painting projects I actually finished.  But it needs so much more.  I am the queen of Lists, and I have always had a wishlist of things I want to do here on the fridge – decorating, new cabinets, ripping out carpet, countertops, flooring…

…but, knowing myself well, sometimes I just get overwhelmed.  I forget how to prioritize, I see tons of stuff I want to do on my list (and think how much it’s all going to cost) and then nothing gets done.  What’s the tipping point for a list to turn from inspiring to intimidating?  Hmmm.

Well, it’s time.  Time to get moving and get this place in decent shape and out of the lingering early 1980s funk.  A friend has offered to help me out with some of these projects and he’s going to take a look and see what he can fix and give me some advice about things in here in general too. 

Now, where did I put that IKEA catalogue…?