I just realized the ol’ fivenineteen here turned two back on the 14th!  Wow!  I made a much bigger deal about the first birthday last year.  This year, sadly, I didn’t even realize I missed it till the 15th.  Oops!

But OK, OK, no biggy. I guess that’s a good sign that this blog is pretty much a given, essential part of my lifestyle.  At least for now.  What started out as me sitting here, unemployed and bored, with a “no idea what’s going to happen…and I like that” opening post of sorts in 2009 has sprouted into over 130 weekly musings/ramblings.  Thank you all who tune in here regularly and those who stumble in by accident.  They always say, oh, when you start a blog you should have a theme.  I said hell with that and just plunged right in.  So, here we are – pretty dang eclectic!

I slept in until (gulp) 11am this morning.  That’s even late for me.  Ugh, I’ve been in a sort of half-fog tired state this past week.  We’ve got some bad colds going around the office and I am trying HARD not to catch anything. Guess it’s the change in the weather and kids going back to school.  New germs everywhere.  OK, so if sleep is the best medicine for me, then we’ll go with it.

Yep…change in weather from crappy summer to early fall.  Just like that – my furnace has been kicking on in the morning recently, and my usual routine of opening the windows for fresh air here upstairs every day first thing is going to get shelved pretty soon.  A little chilly!  And where are my slippers?

This “summer” reminds me a little of I think it was…errr…2008.  That summer was also pretty much a bust save for a week or two.  That was the also the year we had snow in mid April and everything was all weird and freaky. 

So while I do like the fall season, it’s just hard to welcome it when summer wasn’t much different save for a couple of weeks in August.  And this past week was glorious too.  I’m glad I was out on the coast for the 4th of July weekend, as it was beautiful and sunny out there while I hear it was all rainy and cold here at home!  Wow.

And I think about projects and stuff in the works…our townhouse complex is going to replace our garage doors with new, insultated ones.  Our living rooms are each right over our garages and we think – hope – we can save on our power bills by doing this.  Too funny how I am all excited about this – woohooo…new garage doors!

I’m also in the market for a new laptop.  This one is 5 years old and really showing its age.  It needs more RAM but I am not even sure it’s worth investing more money into it.  Don’t laugh but I’m still on Windows XP and Office 2003 on this laptop, so it’s a Time Warp every time I shut down my work laptop and get home here to this one.  Back in the day this thing was super duper, and now it’s just meh.  And it’s running slow and not 100% reliable.  I thought it might be due to a virus or spyware (had a BIG virus epi back in July – yuck) so I ran some scanning programs and found just a few things.  But still, this puppy is slow.

I’ve also agreed to take on some additional consulting work for my friend/colleague A who launched a business.  I did some part time pro bono work for him when I was unemployed the first part of 2010 – just 5-10 hours a week.  Fast forward a year and change and he actually landed some business with a local power company here, and it’s been small enough to where he is just doing the work himself instead of hiring someone.  BUT, funny how life twists, he got hired on with another company and has to move cross country.  Next month!  So he needs someone to finish up the work, which can mostly be done outside of working hours.  He says it’s 5-10 hours a month at the most and will wrap up at the end of December.  Am I insane to say yes?  ‘Cause I did.  The hourly pay rate is extremely appealing and the work is no conflict of interest with what I’m currently doing.  

This will be good discipline for me to keep saving money, as it’s 1099-type work so I will need to sort out the tax stuff next year.  But a little extra cashola is fine by me – I have a lot of rebuilding still to do for being out of work so long.

What does Fall also mean?  Hockey season!  And it starts tonight with an exhibition game.  I have not skated since June so this is going to be hysterical.  

Welcome, Fall!