How many plates do I have spinning right now?  Work, hockey, fivenineteen…and oh yeah what about those other activities I’m trying to cram into my life like rediscovering knitting, learning Norwegian, getting ready for another 5K (ahem, need to sign up for one) and continuing my self-paced Arctic studies?  How’s we doin’ on all that?  And what about basic things like eating, sleeping, exercise, spending time with my family and friends?  Relaxing?  I LOVE having a lot of “plates” but sometimes I admit I get spun out, stressed and overwhelmed.  How the hell can I do it all?  DO I do it all?  And do it well?  Breathe, breathe…exellence, NOT perfection.  How am I so freaking busy even if I am single right now and don’t have kids?  How busy are people with families?  Am I totally clueless on what BUSY really means?

Let’s just say I’m feeling stressed out.  I’m so excited to be back at work again and to be a part of a huge technology launch, as opposed to other work assignments where the project is a transition or program shut down.  Always better being on the building up side of things, right?  I’ve been on lots of deployment and launch projects over the years but I gotta say this one is unlike any other.  Delays, delays, delays, rumorsrumorsrumors, and then WHAMMO:  we launch a few days prior to the last ‘official’ communicated launch date.  What the hell?  Lord knows the conversations and wrangling that went on at levels far beyond mine that resulted in this.  I learned of this rumored early launch in a driveby conversation in our hallway on Wednesday night, just before I was headed out to meet T for sushi.  Screechy record sound…we’re going live TONIGHT or early the following morning?  I tossed and turned that night – hardly slept.  We’re not ready.  It’s impossible to be 100% ready for something as new as this but it still sucks trying to build the plane as you fly it.

But, no one does it alone.  We’re all coming together, panicked but focused to cram in what we need to do and get the rest of the puzzle pieces all out on the table and put together.  And sometimes I take a mental break and I ‘float’ above the chaos and soak it all in.  It’s so fascinating seeing how people operate under stress as opposed to our normal craziness.  We will look back on this someday and laugh.  But we’re not quite there yet.  

Oh…what’s another spinning plate?  Home projects and home maintenance.  This is where I feel vulnerable and, frankly, inept.  My furnace decided to freak out on Thursday night; I came home to a very stuffy house, and after opening some doors and windows to let in fresh air (even though it was a little chilly out), the furnace didn’t kick on in the evening like it normally would.  Well, it did but was a couple degrees shy of where it’s programmed to be and I couldn’t override it beyond the current temperature.  Holy crap, is my furnace dying?

Thankfully I got a good referral to a repair company. I called them the next morning and I got an appointment the very same day (one of those “we’ll be there between noon and 5pm.”).  And thankfully I am able to work from home if I need to, but I felt like crap stepping out of the office after lunch with all our launch chaos flying around.  But I still got my work done, the repair guy was late but very nice and thorough.  $200 later, I now have a clean furnace and a new capacitor (I think that’s what it’s called).  It’s a part in the furnace that was starting to fail.

What’s the “silver injection” in the post title?  Silpada jewelry!  Yes, I’m going to become a consultant and have my official launch party later this month!  Heck, why not add another plate to the mix.  Let’s cut to the chase:  I’m trying to rebuild the savings I dipped into while I was unemployed a good portion of last year and half of this one.  And it’s not happening fast enough.  Last month was a great example – about $2500 in additional expenses all at once.  Cell phone died, fridge died and my hockey league fees were due.  Thank goodness I can pay cash for these things with no problem.  I need a phone, I need a fridge and I gotta skate.

My time is valuable.  I don’t consider myself a ‘sales-y’ type person at all, but I have been a huge fan of Silpada for years and adore their jewelry.  Why not tap further into my accessories junkie-ness?? The jewelry is sterling silver and not cheap, but the styles are so unique and ‘feel’ great.  Good heft – not chintzy.  The pieces I’ve purchased (mostly bracelets) go with just about any of my clothing and I always get compliments on them.  If I can wear it with confidence I can talk about it and sell it!  Between throwing parties at my house, other friends who want to host, having catalogue parties, plus the support of the Silpada team I’m joining, I’m confident I can make this work and once again challenge myself to keep expanding my horizons and try new things. Although, I’m a little nervous.

Come to think of it, I felt these same butterflies in my stomach when I first took up hockey.  And look at this – 7 years later I’m still skating.