September 14th marks my 1 year anniversary of this Blog launch!  Woweee!!  Weeeeeeeeee!!

And how fitting – and how completely, deliciously by accident – that my Blog is a Virgo.  You see, I’m a Taurus, a fellow earth sign, AND my rising (secondary) sign is Virgo.  Guess there really are no coincidences eh?  That was totally NOT part of the reason – to launch sometime in Virgo land.  It just WAS and IS and happened that way.

Yep, I love me some Virgos.  I have a lot of great friends who are Virgos and come to think of it the last guy I dated for more than 6 months or so was a Virgo…hmmm…anyway lots of good chemistry for me no matter how you slice it.

So.  I think back to mid September 2009 and how I was out of work (and had been since end of that July).  The “vacation” after wrapping up a busy work assignment was nice, for awhile, but at this point it was starting to get boring.  And annoying.

And I remember taking the plunge in here, so excited and yet so not knowing what to write.  I wrote something like…I have NO idea what’s going to happen in here.  And I like that.  Yep, that’s pretty much me whenever I plunge into something new.  Especially something like this Blog, where I do it for sheer joy and relaxation.  And not with any intent to reach a certain audience nor to necessarily please anyone.  I’ve developed a small handful of Followers along the way, and for that I am most excited and grateful!  And a few of you out there have randomly stumbled in here…if you have for the first or umpteenth time, welcome!

For what it’s worth, I just go with what’s on my mind and write in here.  I try to show some decency with grammar and punctuation but on the other hand there are no rules in here.  So I probably have a gaffe or two out there but I don’t give a fuck really.  I do sometimes go back and tweak/edit but for the most part it’s not necessary.  The words and thoughts just roll out of my brain on the first try into my fingers and here I am.

I’m just happy to still be doing this after a year of pretty consistent posting.  And I definitely plan to continue.  And continue the randomness.  I think I’ve got stuff in here from job searching woes to travel lust to men lust to makeup reviews, 5Ks…yeah the idea to name this blog “random crap” was out there but I’m glad I stuck with fivenineteen as that’s more my personal Brand overall. 

Who knows where this will evolve, but again that’s not the point of this Blog.  Whatever happens, happens.

Meanwhile, join me in a happy First Birthday Toast!  My best to all of you out there for your attention, support and good wishes.